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MobileRevenu : tips and tricks

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I wish to realise my own mobile site but it seems complicated !

The easiest way if want to embark on the adventure of mobile sites development, is to start with WordPress. I advice you to make a 100% smarthone adapted website, using a mobile theme et installing the MobileRevenu plugin. You will have this way your own mobile site, in wich you can integrate our banners, specific links and other promo tools. You may this way optimise your SEO.

I have wordpress sites but I really don’t have time to develop mobile sites!

No problem! Just install the MobileRevenu plugin on your sites and you will be able to monetize your mobile traffic with a withe label for every one of your sites.

I do not want to redirect my mobile traffic!

No problem! You can install the MobileRevenu plugin on your sites, without activating the mobile detection and redirection. You will just use the other features, like: adding banners, links and other promo tools.

I have my own smartphone version but I do not handle all the traffic with it

Indeed! The old terminal will not be able to visit your site or its mobile version. I advise you to monetize that traffic with MobileRevenu, which offers a suitable and optimised site for this device. You can find this option in your WordPress, once you have installed the plugin. You will earn a commission on each sale.